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Guide to reading the publications of Joanna Southcott

The writings cover a period from 1792 to 1814. They can be read in chronological order by date of publication - however this is probably not the easiest way for those not already acquainted with Joanna's writings.

Book 17 - "A Word to the Wise" is probably a good place to start. Joanna had this publication available for free so that nobody would be excluded from hearing the message.

Interested in the prophecies of Daniel? - read Book 32 - The True Explanation of the Bible, revealed by Divine Communications - Part Five

To understand Joanna Southcott's unique place in prophecy, and to understand the meaning of the birth of Shiloh, you should read the Books of Wonders, particularly Books 61,62,63 and 65.

If you wonder why so much of Joanna's writing is in verse, read the article on versification.

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Note: These indexes will not be fully functional until the paginated versions of all the books are available. Nevertheless, once you have found a reference, you can opent the required book and search within the given book for the Scriptures quoted using the search facility within your browser. I suggest you use only the first three or four letters of the scriptural book or topic.

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Published Books


1. The Strange Effects of Faith, with Remarkable Prophecies (made in 1792), &c. of Things which are to Come; also some Account of her Life - Part One

This was Joanna’s first book published in 1801 and contains a brief outline of her life. Although she was born in 1750, her story really begins in 1792 when she heard the Voice of God telling her about events that were to come upon the earth. It also records her attempts to get her prophecies recognised as being accurate and coming from God. Her prophetic powers are a fulfillment of the prophecy of Joel that in the last days ‘your sons and daughters shall prophecy’ (Joel 2:28). It contains 48 pages.

2. The Strange Effects of Faith - Part Two

This is a continuation of Book 1 published in March 1801. First she explains why so much of her communications are in verse, she includes some additions to Book 1, an explanation of the seven stars, and further explanations of dreams and communications. It contains 48 pages.

3. The Strange Effects of Faith - Part Three

This is a continuation of Book 2 dated May 1801 and begins with an explanation of the third chapter of Genesis. An understanding of this chapter is fundamental to appreciating Joanna’s place in prophecy and it explains the prophecy made to the serpent, to the man and to the woman. It also explains many types from the Old Testament. It contains 48 pages.

4. The Strange Effects of Faith - Part Four

This is a continuation of Book 3 and gives an explanation of the 6 days of creation being a type of the 6 thousand years of man’s probation on earth. We are living in the 6th thousand year period and this period will be shortened for the sake of the elect (Matt 24: 22). It also contains further dreams and their interpretation. The book contains 48 pages.

5. The Strange Effects of Faith - Part Five

This is a continuation of Book 4 dated December 1801 and gives further details of Joanna’s early life. There is an explanation of a vision of Peter Morrison, (who was a follower of Joanna’s) in which there is reference to the Man-Child that Joanna was to bear (Rev 12). The book contains 48 pages.

6. The Strange Effects of Faith - Part Six

This is a continuation of Book 5 and begins with an explanation of the Day of Judgment. Quite a lot of this explanation is in verse. She states that as Christ is compared to the second Adam, there must also be a second Eve. Later there is explanation of some parts of the Book of Revelation, including the war in heaven (Rev 12:7) and the twenty-four elders of Rev 4. The book contains 48 pages.

7. A Continuation of Prophecies, from 1792 to the present time. (1802) ie Strange Effects of Faith - Part Seven

This is a continuation of Book 6 and contains letters between Joanna and Basil Bruce, who was an early follower of hers. It interprets a dream that Basil Bruce had, and deals with the questions - how the knowledge of the Lord can cover the earth as the waters cover the deep - how they shall know the Lord, from the greatest to the least. At the time of writing, a belief in the Second Coming of Christ to set up his kingdom on earth was not commonly preached in the churches. The book contains the thoughts of seven men who became her followers (known as the seven stars) who came to Exeter examine her sixth book. The eighth explains how Adam blamed the woman for the fall, whereas the woman rightly blamed the serpent. The book contains 41 pages.

8. The Strange Effects of Faith; being a continuation of Prophecies of Things which are to Come ie Part Eight

This is a continuation of Book 7 and consists of various explanations of scripture, with letters from Joanna to various people and a letter from an opposer accusing her of being deluded, with her response. The book contains 42 pages.

9. Divine and Spiritual Letters of Prophecies - Part One

10. Divine and Spiritual Letters of Prophecies - Part Two

Books 9 and 10 contain letters from Joanna to the Rev Stanhope Bruce, one of several clergymen who became staunch followers, largely explaining her mission. Also letters to Rev Thomas Foley, Basil Bruce (Stanhope Bruce’s son) and William Sharp the famous engraver. All were followers of Joanna. She explained that her writings had to be examined and ‘proved’.

11. A Dispute Between the Woman and the Powers of Darkness

This book records the events that took place during a 7 day disputation between Joanna and Satan that took place in August 1802. It is conversational in style and deals with accusations against God and her mission. There are also explanations of visions and dreams. The book has 128 pages.

12. The Answer of the Lord to the Powers of Darkness

This book is the answer of the Spirit of Truth to Book 11 and putting it in the context of the book of Job. It also comments on unfulfilled prophecies in the Bible relating to the kingdom of God on earth and the healing of the nations shortly to be realised. There is also an explanation of the sealing in the book of Revelation (different from baptism) in a letter to Rev Foley. The book ends with a testimonial to the accuracy of Joanna’s prophecies and her character by William Sharp, the engraver, with some texts from the book of Revelation that relate to her mission. The book has 128 pages and was published in late 1802.

13. A Communication in Answer to Mr. Brothers' Book, published in 1802 (P)

Richard Brothers was a contemporary of Joanna’s, and he made prophecies about the French Revolution which came true. Joanna believed that he was a prophet, but later Brothers began to make extravagant claims for himself, and went astray. Joanna wrote this book to correct the claims of Brothers in his latest book published at the end of 1802. The book has 22 pages.

14. Prophecy; a Warning to the Whole World, commonly called the First Book of Visions.

This book comprises communications given to Joanna that had been sealed and placed in a box, to be opened at a later time to be ‘proved’. This took place in January 1803 at High House, Paddington, at which time the prophecies were opened and examined by 23 people and 35 witnesses after which they unanimously declared her calling to be of God. There are also prophecies subsequent to the opening of the sealed prophecies. The communications include the explanation of dreams, and exposition of Zechariah 11 and 12. The book has 128 pages.

15. The Continuation of Prophecies; or A Word in Season to a Sinking Kingdom.

Subtitled, a continuation of the prophecies of Joann Southcott, it was published in March 1803 and starts with an explanation of visions by Joseph Prescott. Joseph had been brought up in a workhouse and had come to the attention of Elias Carpenter, follower of Joanna’s. Joseph had been receiving visions since 1793 and was able to draw what he saw. Joanna explains how they confirm the Bible and Joanna’s prophecies. The book has 56 pages.

16. The Second Book of Visions.

Further explanations of Joseph Prescott's visions are given in this book. Later there is an explanation of passages in Luke, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Romans and finally Joanna addresses false reports that she sells seals (which must not be charged for). Published in August 1803 and has 72 pages.

17. A Word to the Wise, or a Call to the Nation.

Joanna was concerned that her books cost money to buy and therefore the poor would not have access to them. So she wrote this book to be given away free so that nobody could be deprived of the opportunity to hear her message. It provides a good overview of her teaching; in particular the soon coming of the Lord and an explanation of how the promise made to the woman at the fall is to be fulfilled. It was written in 1803 and has 59 pages.

18. Divine and Spiritual Communications on the Prayers of the Church of England; the Conduct of the Clergy, Calvinistic Methodists, &c.

This book was published by William Sharp in December 1803 and consists of communications on the prayers of the Church of England prayer book and the conduct of the clergy, particularly in relation to Joanna’s claims. It consists of 64 pages.

19. Sound an Alarm in My Holy Mountain.

Joanna produced this book when she was in Leeds in January 1804 and deals with the Sealing of the people as mentioned in Revelation and how Satan’s reign is to be cut short because of it. There is an interesting passage towards the end on why God created the devil when he foreknew what would be. It has 72 pages.

20. A Warning to the Whole World.

Contains various communications often in response to questioners who doubted Joanna’s mission. Included are questions on the responsibility for the fall of man, the significance of Joanna’s mission, an explanation of the first chapter of Ecclesiastes and Genesis 49, a communication on the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Revelation and an explanation of another vision of Joseph Prescott. It has 100 pages.

21. On the Prayers for the Fast Day, May, 1804.

Consist of letters from Joanna to Miss Townley during May and June of 1804, initially relating to the Fast day (May 25th) 1804, commenting on various matters such as Eve, the death of Bishop Buller (whose death she prophesied while he was still hale and hearty), and answer to a Minister who said there were no need for prophecies, and types and shadows (i.e. how prophetic events have more than one fulfillment). The book has 48 pages

22. Copies and Parts of Copies of Letters and Communications, commonly called, The Little Flock of Sheep.

This book contains firstly an explanation of a parable or fable about a flock of sheep, followed by a history of Joanna’s life, then another parable with its interpretation (on a hermit) and some letters following up on matters from Book 21. There then comes an exposition of Jezebel in the book of Revelation, followed by some correspondence on related matters. The book was published in mid 1804 and consists of 92 pages.

23. Joseph Southcott's Vindication of his Sister's Character.

As Joanna was becoming better known there was a ‘smear’ campaign to blacken her character. This book contains the testimony of Joseph Southcott (Joanna’s brother), as to the uprightness of her character. It also includes letters of Joseph Southcott to Rev Pomeroy, who would not produce prophecies that Joanna had committed to him for safe keeping. There is also a record of Joanna’s dealings with a Mr. Wills who had been her employer but had badly treated her. Eventually, Joanna took him to court and won her case - quite a feat for a woman in 1784. The book contains 112 pages.

24. Letters and Communications; commonly called What Manner of Communications are these?

Contains various letters and communications around July 1804 and has 128 pages. The Rev Thomas Foley published the book and he experienced a lot of criticism for doing so. See Book 37 for later developments.

25. The Trial of Joanna Southcott at the Neckinger House, Bermondsey, December, 1804.

The book records the details of a ‘trial’ of Joanna at Neckinger House, Bermondsey, where her character and prophecies are examined by a panel of 48 men. They interviewed people who had known Joanna in her Exeter days and the evidence for her prophetic powers. This took place over 7 days (5th to 11th December, 1804). At the end, the 48 signed their names to a declaration that "her prophecies and other spiritual communications emanate wholly and entirely from the Spirit of the living Lord". The book has 152 pages.

26. Answer to Garrett's Book.

Jeremiah Garrett was a clergyman, who had left the Calvinists (Countess of Huntingdon’s Connection) and accepted adult baptism. He had not joined the Baptists, but set up his own chapel in Southwark. He published a book attacking Joanna (although a copy of this book has not been traced), and Joanna published this defense. It has some comments on the meaning of the Bride, the Lamb’s wife in the book of Revelation. It was published in 1805 and has 22 pages.

27. Answer to the Five Charges in the 'Leeds Mercury.'

A newspaper in Leeds (where Joanna had a large following) had printed an unflattering article on Joanna, accusing her of making false prophecies. It also accuses her of making money from selling seals (which even non-Southcottian scholars accept is not true). This book is her response. It was published in 1805 and consists of 24 pages.

28. The True Explanation of the Bible, revealed by Divine Communications - Part One

This is the first part of a series of 7 books in which Joanna throws light on passages of scripture through the Spirit of Truth. The first half of the book contains comments on Old Testament characters such as David, Ahab and Jezebel, Solomon and Manasseh. The second half consists of correspondence relating to the Rev J Pomeroy during 1804. The book was published in 1805 and has 96 pages.

29. The True Explanation of the Bible, revealed by Divine Communications - Part Two

This is a continuation of Book 28 and comments on Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Wisdom of Solomon, Song of Solomon, the origin of sacrifices and the limits of Satan’s foreknowledge. The book was published in 1804 and has 96 pages.

30. The True Explanation of the Bible, revealed by Divine Communications - Part Three

This is a continuation of Book 29 and comments on Judges, the typology of Pharaoh and Egypt, events in the Gospels, and passages in the Epistles relating to the Second Coming of Christ. The book was published in 1804 and has 96 pages.

31. The True Explanation of the Bible, revealed by Divine Communications - Part Four

The book continues the "True Explanations of the Bible" series but begins by commenting on verses which had been quoted by opposers of her teaching and on false and true prophets in the Bible. There are then some explanations of texts from the Epistles, and comments on types and parables in the Bible (a common theme in the teachings of the Sprit of Truth through Joanna). It ends with an explanation of the visions at the end of the book of Ezekiel. The book has 96 pages.

32. The True Explanation of the Bible, revealed by Divine Communications - Part Five

This book continues the "True Explanations of the Bible" series and starts with comments on some passages in the prophetic book of Daniel, followed by Hosea, with some explanation on the meaning of the restoration of the Jews. She also deals with the types represented by characters in the Bible (Jacob, Esau and Jonah) and comments on the prophecies of Zechariah. She ends with remarks on Arianism and Calvinism (which are opposed to the true teaching of the Bible) and explains predestination. The book has 96 pages.

33. The True Explanation of the Bible, revealed by Divine Communications - Part Six

The book continues the "True Explanations of the Bible" series and continues with the explanation of Election and the errors of Calvinism. There is an explanation of Paul’s teaching in Corinthians on prophecies and in Romans on the grafting in of the Gentiles. There is further explanation of the correspondence between the 6 days of creation, and 6 periods of one thousand years, ending with the reign of Christ for 1000 years. There follows various other explanations including the meaning of being born again. The book has 96 pages. The series is concluded at Book 53.


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