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St Peter’s Church, Type of the Lady (Given 1793)

Joanna commanded to ask the promise of Satan’s destruction (1794)

The Vision of Candles and the spacious Room (1794)

Concerning Mr Channon, January 3, 1795

Joanna compared to a Clock (1795)

On Ezra 2:65. Singing men and Women (February 1796)

Answer to Joanna when the six broke the Seals (1796)

Ezekiel xlvii of the Vision of the Holy Waters (May 12, 1796)

On the death of Mrs Wooland the baker’s wife foretold in 1794 (Given 22 May, 1796)

On the Rose of Sharon (June 17, 1796)

On 1 Kings 15 and John 10. Answered February 11, 1796

Sun drawing Water, Wooland’s Wheel etc. August 23, 1796

On a dream of passing by a Church singing, July 2, 1796

On a dream of her Brother John when Joanna is milking (1796)

A Prophecy on the Roman Power, given in 1796